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Festival Dress

Festival Dress

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This dress makes you want to dance! Made with 100% crazy soft cotton. Each piece is hand dyed making it truly one of a kind! Wear this barefoot in the sand or dress up with some strappy heels. The back is open with halter styler top that is tied at back of neck. You can loosen for a lower cut.

The bottom is cut in a wavy gravy kind of way, lol. It’s not a straight cut. Each one is different. Shorter in front and longer on sides and back. I think it creates a lot of movement when you walk. These are handcut and dyed with a free spirited process. The photos do their best to represent the piece as each one is truly different. I loosely follow a pattern that I’ve created so some have a deeper V  so best to look at photos and feel free to send any questions for more details! 

OS - length 52” approximately at longest point. The halter is adjustable so length can be altered slightly depending on how you tie it. Fits size small-large. You can see in the last photo how this OS dress fits a lot of different shapes and heights! (:

Edges are frayed and true Moonbeams (that’s you) believe that adds to the handcrafted one of a kind vibe to the piece! 

Wear with joy/wash with care. Best to wash on a cool delicate cycle with mild detergent and hang dry! 




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